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Available Grants


Would you like to improve the productivity and job satisfaction of your employees through various job redesign such as flexi-work and workplace policies? Wish to receive funding of up to $500,000 (through different schemes) from the Government to support and defray your project costs? To achieve a win-win situation for both employers and employees alike, do not hesitate to give our project consultants a call to find out more about the different Government schemes available and how the grants can be utilized to improve the performance of your organization.   

The schemes covered under our consultation include (but not limited) to the following:  

1. WoW! fund  

A $20,000 work-life grant introduced to encourage employers to adopt and set-up family friendly policies, benefits and flexi-work arrangements for the employees. The Government (administered by MOM) will co-fund up to 80% of the total costs for certain items meant to encourage a flexi-workplace and enhance the overall work-life climate of the organization.   


2. Advantage Grant ($400,000)  

The Government will enact re-employment legislation by Jan 2012 and companies would be required by law to offer to re-employ workers. Companies are encouraged to start early by putting in place processes and systems for re-employment before the legislation kicks in. The ADVANTAGE! is open to companies registered or based in Singapore. This scheme offers a financial grant of up to $400,000 to support the company’s initiatives in implementing HR systems, changes to working environment and business and operational processes that directly boost the recruitment, retention and re-employment of mature workers.  The grant will fund the cost for consultancy or staff salary (pro-rated to direct involvement in implementing the initiatives), equipment and Intellectual Property Rights. The grant, however, cannot be used for to subsidize staff holding cost, which includes 


3. Businesses for Families Grant (formerly known as the Pro-family grant)   

The Businesses for Families Grant is supported and funded by MCYS to co-share 70% of the costs incurred for approved projects, subject to a cap of $50,000 per organization. This cap will be increased to $80,000 if the business has more than 1 outlet. All organizations whose services or products are relevant to families are eligible for this grant, including existing Pro-Family Business pledgers and those who have achieved the Mark. All businesses must attain the Pro-Family Business Mark to qualify for the funding. Current grant recipients can also apply for the remainder of the revised fund it is eligible for, e.g. if a restaurant with more than 1 outlet received S$20,000 last year, it can apply again for another S$60,000.  


4. Workplace Health Grant (by Health Promotion Board)

Workplace health grant has been set aside by the Health Promotion Board for SMEs to defray the costs for their workplace health programmes and activities. Companies that fall within the SME category can received up to 90% (a cap of $10,000) funding for their approved programmes and activities.

  • $10,000 grant is applicable for SMEs / Non-SMEs
  • Up to 90% funding for SMEs / 50% co-funding for non-SMEs
  • Net costs for SMEs after 90% funding is around $1,000
  • More than 5 headcount to qualify
  • Additional $2,000 (100% funding) top up for Mental wellness programmes
  • Workplace Health Package may include items such:

    + Health Screening Health Talks (e.g. laughter therapy)

    + Mental Wellness Programmes

    + Fitness & Physical Activities (e.g. Gym pass; equipments)

    + Online Health Consultation

    + Weight / Stress / Hypertension Management

    + Healthy Cooking Demo

    + Supermarket Tour

    + Amazing Food Race


5. Human Resource Capability Programme (by SPRING Singapore)

To help SMEs meet their HR capability needs, SPRING Singapore and the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) jointly developed an HR Capability Package to improve and strengthen SMEs' human resource management capabilities by addressing HR gaps and promoting good HR practices. The HR Capability Programme aims to provide consultancy support to help local SMEs to implement the good HR practices embedded in the modules under the Package in their organisations. In particular, companies without a dedicated HR department or staff would require more intensive guidance and advice in customising the HR modules to their needs and rolling out a structured HR management system in their organisations. Companies who need assistance from certified Practising Management Consultants (PMC) to implement, review and/or revise their current Human Resource Policies and functions can now tap onto a grant to defray the costs for consultancy services. The Package provides the framework, guidelines, tools and templates to help SMEs systematically manage HR functions in the following six HR areas:

a. Manpower Planning - Assessing current workforce capabilities, demographics and determining future workforce requirements.

b. Recruitment and Selection - Soliciting applicants and assessing their suitability to fill recently-vacated or newly-created positions.

c. Compensation and Benefits - Designing and managing market-competitive compensation and benefits strategies and programmes.

d. Performance Management - Maintaining or improving employee job performance through objective-setting, appraisal, coaching and feedback.

e. Learning and Development - Planning for and conducting activities that develop employee capabilities, knowledge and know-how to meet business, organisational and individual needs.

f. Career Management - Establishing policies and processes which enable employees to set career objectives and determine appropriate educational and developmental programmes to further develop their skills to achieve short-term or long-term career objectives.


Any of the 6 modules (No minimum number of modules)

Fees: $4,500 per module

Hours: 25 consultancy hours per module

Support: SPRING funds 50% of consultancy cost (Manpower, software and hardware costs will not be eligible for support under the programme.)

Training: At least one staff must attend the Materials Familiarization Training (MFT) workshop prior to application

Who can apply?

Applicants must fall under the criteria of an SME


6. Flexi-Works!

Flexi-Works! is an initiative by WDA and NTUC for companies to hire new workers on part-time or flexible work arrangements. The scheme offers a grant of up to $100,000 to support a company’s efforts in the recruitment of workers (Singaporeans / PRs) above 30 years of age on part-time or flexible work arrangements and retained for at least two months.


7. LETAS Grant (Adapted from SPRING Singapore)

With the Local Enterprise Technical Assistance Scheme, you can get a grant to engage an external consultant to implement quality management and IT systems. Project examples include ISO certification and upgrading computer systems. LETAS provides assistance to defray up to 50% of the total consultancy cost or capped at the following grant amount, whichever is lower. The funding support for IT projects does not cover hardware and software costs. Funding support for Quality Management system projects does not cover certification fees.

For Quality Management System and IT E-commerce projects, it is subject to a maximum grant cap of $5,000 or 50% of consultancy cost (whichever is lower). For IT implementation projects, it is subject to a maximum grant cap of $10,000 or 50% of consultancy cost (whichever is lower).

Project Type:

  • Quality Management Systems: S$5,000 (Grant Cap)
  • IT E-Commerce: S$5,000 (Grant Cap)
  • IT Implementation: S$10,000 (Grant Cap)

8. Technology Innovation Programme (TIP) 

Provides technology consultancy services, expert help and funding support for Singapore-based SMEs. To accelerate technology adoption in your business operations, SPRING has launched the Technology Innovation Programme (TIP) to provide the vital support and resources you need.  

1) Centres of Innovation 
Access ready resources at Centres of Innovation. These one-stop centres offer technology consultancy and advice to help SMEs identify practical, downstream technology platforms that can be quickly adopted. They can also help you to test and develop technology projects.  
2) Experts Help 
Get a grant to get expert help to grow your capabilities. You can apply for technical experts to be seconded to your company to build your in-house technology innovation capabilities.  
3) Technology Innovation Projects 
Get a grant for technology innovation projects that lead to new products or processes for your business. We can help to defray the cost of undertaking development projects which involve the application of technology. 


9. Intellectual Property Management for SMEs (IPM) 

Funding consultancy and implementation will include services to aid SMEs to extend their brand and reach through a structured branding and funding process that includes: 

  • Trademarking
  • Franchising/Licensing agreements to overseas markets
  • Intellectual property management (internal processes, legal framework)
  • Public relations, marketing consultancy
  • Press release
  • Marketing collaterals (website, corporate brochure, corporate uniforms)
  • Competitor research and analyses
  • Corporate positioning
  • IT systems planning and implementation (CRM, ERP, POS)


10. iSPRINT Scheme

The iSPRINT scheme addresses the different areas of infocomm adoption for the SMEs, making it easy and convenient for these enterprises to seek assistance to help them along their infocomm adoption journey for 1st time adopters.It supports the packaged solutions pre-qualified by IDA and customised solutions, as long as the project involves the use of infocomm technology to improve the company's business operations, resulting in efficiency/ productivity, increased revenue or value-add for the business.

All SMEs registered or incorporated in Singapore can apply as long as the project uses infocomm technology to improve business operations, raise productivity, or increase revenue/value-add for the business.

iSPRINT subsidies will cover up to 50% of qualifying costs for projects involving:

  • customised solutions (e.g. customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning)
  • advanced customised solutions that require extensive development or re-engineering (e.g. supply chain management)

From April/May 2010, the subsidies will also cover:

  • packaged solutions for business functions (finance/accounting, human resources, payroll, e-commerce)
  • software-as-a-service type of packaged solutions with licence fees and monthly subscription costs


Worklife Solutions Consultancy Information

Our fees have been given the thumbs up by our clients for being one of the most reasonable and value for money within the industry. To ensure that our pricing remains competitive:

- We guarantee all our clients the most competitive pricing available;

- For any standard consultancy packages, the net cost outlay will be minimal by tapping onto grants;

- Quality and efficient services;

- Value added services through collaboration with other partners and service providers to bring about a wider coverage of benefits to the clients (e.g. complimentary talks/seminar/workshops.) 

How to Apply?