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Our Services

Our comprehensive range of services includes:

1) Work-Life Consultation

  • Work-Life Needs Assessments
  • Work-Life Process & Outcome Evaluation
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of Work-Life Initiatives
  • Work-Life Handbook
  • Flexi-Benefits Scheme
  • Development of Work-Life Policies

2) General Training Courses/Workshops

  • Individual Image Makeover
  • Laughter Clinic
  • Sports Coaching (e.g. tennis, baseball, mixed martial arts, Mayan ball)
  • Leadership Training
  • Motivational/ Confidence Building 
  • EQ and Career Success
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Wealth Management Workshop
  • Effective use of Body Language

3) Workplace Health & Wellness Courses

  • Managing Stress
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Managing Anger
  • Manage Time to Manage Your Life!
  • Managing Conflicts
  • Emotions and Holistic Health
  • Anger Management/Coaching
  • Untold Truth about H2O
  • Workplace Massage (e.g. Alternative Healing Therapy, Self and Buddy Massage Workshop)
  • Workplace/Outdoor On-site Massage (e.g. Foot Reflexology, Neck and shoulder)
  • Acupressure Self Help Techniques Workshop
  • Meditation and breathing for better mental health
  • Vision Care: A guide to reduce eyes strain
  • Workplace Ergonomics
  • Stretch and relax for office personnel
  • Introduction to herbal home made treatments
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Voice care workshop
  • Basic First Aid & Safety
  • Smoking Cessation/Addiction Workshop
  • Exercise and Weight Management
  • EQ in everyday life

4) Family / Parenting Topics

  • Managing Your Child's Exam Anxiety
  • Motivating Your Child to Study
  • Emotionally Intelligent Parenting
  • Communicating to Empower Your Child
  • Personality and Parenting
  • Positive Discipline and Shaping Behaviour
  • Dealing With Teenagers
  • Basic Counselling Skills for Parents
  • Improving Family Life/Relationships (1 hour)

5) Corporate Teambuilding Programmes

  • Outdoor/Indoor Teambuilding Sessions
  • Nature Treks/Night Hikes
  • Overseas Trips/Retreats
  • Family bonding events & activities
  • ‘Kampong’ games

6) Student Enrichment, Education and Wellness Programmes

  • Outdoor camps (overnight)
  • Leadership/Teambuilding Camps/Day Courses
  • Humanities/Science Nature Appreciation Trips (e.g. Ubin, Kranji Nature Trail)
  • Entrepreneurship skills
  • Confidence building techniques
  • Listening, communication and presentation skills
  • Time management skills
  • Memory and reading Skills

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