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Work-Life Information and Resources

1. Worklife Solutions Articles

  1. Coping with stress
  2. Improving staff morale through corporate wellness programmes
  3. Dealing with anger effectively
  4. Have a good night sleep
  5. Work-life interview with HRM Singapore
  6. Career Coaching
  7. Negotiating a part-time position
  8. The Right Stuff - Interview with NSMAN (SAFRA)
  9. Holiwork Story - Contribution to Nvyou June Issue (Mandarin)
  10. Holiwork Story - Contribution to Nvyou June Issue (English)
  11. Case Study – Hotel Royal @ Queens
  12. Case Study – Public Utilities Board
  13. Case Study – Goldman Sachs

(For more information about work-life programmes, do visit the Employer Alliance website at )

2. Employee Counselling Programmes

  1. Corporate Profile of IPS Worldwide
  2. Life is a Matter of Balance
  3. IPS Mini Trauma Booklet
  4. IPS EAP Brochure
  5. Q & A about IPS Global EAP Services

3. Concierge Service for Work-Life Balance

  1. Corporate Profile of Les Concierge
  2. WorkLife Solutions 3 Months Value Package

4. Work-Life Papers:

  1. Work-Family Conflict: A Survey of Singaporean Workers
  2. Work-Family Conflict of Women Entrepreneurs in Singapore
  3. Ideology and Changing Family Arrangements in Singapore
  4. Telecommuting-Comparing Singapore to Southern California
  5. Factors affecting the utilization rate of flexible work arrangements
  6. Changing world of work
  7. International literature review on the business case for Work-life balance
  8. The effects of home-based teleworking on work and family conflict
  9. The impact of telecommuting on organizations and individuals
  10. Home Alone - The Role of Technology in Telecommuting

5. Work-Life Award Winners:

  1. Family Friendly Employer Award 2002
  2. Family Friendly Employer Award 2004
  3. Work-Life Excellence Award 2006
  4. Work-Life Excellence Award 2008

6. Other Publications:

  1. Tripartite Guidelines on Family Friendly Workplace Practices
  2. Work-Life Harmony Report
  3. Conditions of Employment 2004
  4. Conditions of Employment 2006
  5. Flexible Work Arrangements 1999
  6. Flexible Work Arrangements 2001

7. Work-Life Information Links:

Directory of Family and Community Services (MCYS)